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Top chefs from around the world dine in Amish barn in Lancaster County
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Contact us today for the most basic, close to the earth milk, meat, cheese, and vegetable you can find anywhere. GMO free, free of synthetic chemicals, no added hormones, and no antibiotics. Food to eat that has been grown in a manner it was meant to be grown.

Are you looking for local, nutrient dense, non GMO, organically grown vegetables, grass fed meat, and organic milk for your family, your school, your restaurant?

Oasis farmers work on small, diversified farms where animals roam on healthy pastures and synthetic chemicals are not allowed! Our families and our horses work together in the fields, planting, keeping weeds under control, and harvesting the crops. Our goal is to provide you with the healthiest, most delicious food possible all the while helping to build a strong and sustainable network of farms.

Oasis farmers are intent on building up the nutrient content of their crops by testing the soil and testing the plants as they grow, and then feeding them what they need to result in the most tasty and nutritious food you could possibly buy. They are concerned about the health of the land and the people it feeds and they are committed to growing and sharing their good food with you. This is Oasis at Bird In Hand!

Contact Us, start enjoying farm fresh, in-season vegetables, milk and cheese, and meat throughout the growing season.

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