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About Us

Oasis is a newly formed collective of Lancaster County farmers, using chemical free and certified-organic growing techniques. Oasis farmers build the nutrient content of their soil in order to grow healthy plants and healthful food.

We are concerned about the health of our land, families and community and committed to growing and sharing freshly-harvested, nutrient-rich food for better nourishment.

Our members believe on-farm diversity provides sustainability. Oasis farmers grow chemical-free produce and raise cattle, pigs, lamb, chickens, turkeys and other animals humanely on pasture.

Oasis farms are small and family run. They are horse farms, which means the food you eat from Oasis is respectful of the environment since horses do not run on petroleum. The food you eat from Oasis helps to reduce your carbon footprint. There is a very strong agricultural heritage behind the farms of Oasis.

Oasis at Bird-in-Hand

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Chemical free farming

Kale crops

The Oasis Quality - Our Philosophy

Are you looking for local, nutrient dense, organically grown, chemical free, GMO free, no added hormones, Real Live Food for your family or restaurant? If so, come to the collective of earth friendly farmers called Oasis at Bird In Hand. The Oasis operation is located in the heart Lancaster County, One of the most fertile, non-irrigated parcels of land in the world! It is often called Garden Spot. Oasis milk comes form 100% grass fed cows; it is organic Grade A. Oasis is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and the Federal Food and Drug Administration to bottle and sell raw milk in the state of PA, as well as pasteurized milk. Oasis cheeses are made with 100% raw grass fed milk and aged for 60 days or more. Oasis farmers do their work without the use of environmentally degrading synthetic fertilizers, chemicals, and pesticides.

The philosophy of farming that accompanies this way of life attempts to better understand how elements of the soil work together to produce healthy plants and animals. When efforts go into supporting the natural makeup of soil microbes and how they work together, and how their work can be enhanced, the resulting plants and animals are more naturally resistant to enemy insects, illnesses, and blight, and the artificial and indiscriminate use of unhealthy chemical crutches is not needed. Their methods produce delicious nutrient-dense crops that are resistant to pests, weeds and disease.

Eating nutrient-dense foods is one of the healthiest ways that anyone can eat. No principle is more likely to support healthy eating than the principle of nutrient density. Why is nutrient density so helpful? Because it gives you concentrated amount of valuable nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, essential fatty acids and phytonutrients, to name a few. Many people are consuming foods which are low in nutrients. The body cannot receive energy from enzyme or 'dead' foods (GMO). For this reason, the body is in a constant state of nutritional and energy deficiency.

This is Oasis Quality. It is with pride and pleasure that Oasis farmers deliver these foods from our farms directly to your table.


There is a movement afoot in agricultural, suburban, and urban areas all across the U.S. these days. It is a grassroots movement, and it is strong. The movement is toward small and manageable, and part of its focus has to do with food; how and where it is grown.

There is a group of farmers in Lancaster County who are paying attention to the local, slow food, movement. They see it as an opportunity to step up to the plate and meet the needs and wants of those who are looking for special food. The vision of the management team of Oasis is to help local farmers develop markets for their tenderly cared, good tasting, healthy foods, thereby helping to establish and sustain a long term, economically healthy farming community.

Green House
Produce farming

Produce free of harmful synthetic chemicals

There are many places in Lancaster County to buy conventionally grown food. Oasis at Bird-in-Hand is offering a new kind of place to buy specially produced foods. Growers for the Oasis Cooperative pay special attention to the soil they engage for the growing process. They test it to see how it is made up, and contemplate what they can do to enhance its ability to grow food from the healthiest plants possible, since healthy plants, just like healthy human bodies, are much less attractive to damaging insects and diseases. All of the produce grown for Oasis comes from horse and mule-powered farms. These kinds of farms use much less petroleum power than conventional farms.


Oasis at Bird In Hand is proud of its small outlet store in Ronks, PA, between the Old Philadelphia Pike and the Lincoln Highway. This is a very historically significant place in the US. It is where some of the first Germanic and other settlers arrived to start a farming tradition that continues to this very day. Oasis farmers and the management team at Oasis are doing all they can to learn as much as possible about the natural makeup of the soils with which they have been endowed. They are dedicated to learning how the elements and microbes in the soil work synergistically with one another to produce the most nutritiously healthy and best tasting foods that they possibly can. Included in the process of growing Oasis foods is a requirement of the farmers to test their soils, and to test their plants as they grow, to make sure that their soils and plants are as healthy as they can be. Healthy plants, like healthy bodies, are much less susceptible to illness and disease, and healthy plants are full of nutrition, and they taste great! Oasis at Bird In Hand has established refrigerated deliveries to Washington DC, Baltimore, MD, Philadelphia, PA, and New York City as well as local routes in and around home base. Small orders of cold items can be shipped by commercial carriers. Call, email, or write today with any questions you may have or to become a customer of Oasis at Bird In Hand. We welcome you to our community.