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Dairy Cow

The farmers who supply milk for Oasis at Bird In Hand are all certified organic and feed their cows on grass. There is no need to worry about eating anything genetically modified or polluted with synthetic chemicals in any of the food that you buy from Oasis. Further, the farmers of Oasis are all horse farmers, which means that when you eat the food they produce, you are helping to improve your environment, since farming with horses rather than with mechanical engines reduces the carbon footprint left behind. And, when you buy from Oasis, the dollars you exchange for the food you buy stays in the local economy, benefitting your nearby friends and neighbors, your community.

Milk from Oasis

All of the milk coming from Oasis at Bird in Hand comes from grass fed, mostly heritage breeds of cows. Milk from grass fed cows is superior for a number of reasons; it contains higher levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which is an anti-carcinogen and the fats in milk from grass fed cows are actually good for you, studies show they help to reduce the risk of heart attack. And, milk from heritage breeds is Milkhigher in A2 proteins. For those who wish to benefit from all of the healthy elements kept alive in raw milk, elements protected from being destroyed by the high heat of pasteurization, Oasis has it. For those who prefer pasteurized milk that is processed at the lowest heats possible to preserve as many health benefits as possible, come to Oasis. All of the milk coming from Oasis is non-homogenized. This means the cream rises naturally to the top!

Buttermilk from Oasis (and Butter)

Another product available from Oasis is beautiful yellow butter made on the premises from grass fed milk. The process of making butter yields a drink called buttermilk. Oasis buttermilk has live probiotic cultures added to enhance digestion of the food you eat by helping healthy bacteria in your digestive system to flourish. The buttermilk that comes from Oasis is called traditional buttermilk, it is the real deal! It actually comes from the butter making process.

The farmers and staff at Oasis at Bird in Hand thank you for your support.

Introducing... Our Newest Organic Products!

100% Grass Fed Organic Raw Milk and 100% Grass Fed Organic Salted Butter from our very own Creamery!


Our dairy products are available at our retail store in Ronks, PA, as well as Shop Rite in Brodheadsville, PA and A Matter of Health in Nanuet, NY and 1st Ave in Manhattan.

Oasis at Bird-in-Hand can ship cheese, meats and butter anywhere in the USA. For pricing and shipping questions, call (717) 288-2154.