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Are you looking for local, nutrient-rich, synthetic chemical and hormone-free fruits, vegetables and meats for you and your family?

Are you concerned about the current state of your food supply? Do you worry about foods from GMO (genetically modified organisms)? Do you wish to find an alternative to foods grown using harmful synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides? Would you like to be able to sit down to the next meal with your loved ones and know with total confidence that you are serving the best tasting and healthy food you could possibly buy?


Here it is!!

All of your food worries can be put to rest when you start eating food from the farmers of Oasis at Bird In Hand. Start at one end of the food spectrum and move to the other; first produce/vegetables; they are chemical free, organic, fresh, local, and then to the meat; it is grass fed beef, pork, and poultry, local, chemical and GMO free, and then it's the eggs; from free ranging outdoor, sunshine soaking hens, and then the milk; from strictly grass fed cows, grade A, organic, local, and then the cheese; from grass fed raw cow's milk, aged 60, made in the local community by accomplished artisanal cheese makers. None of the animals under the care of Oasis farmers are kept in conventionally tight confinement systems. All of them are fed and nourished in environments that are naturally pleasant for them to live in. Because of the density of the nutrients found in Oasis food, your appetite will be satisfied with less and your taste buds will show their appreciation. This is because when you eat Oasis food, you are eating Real Live Food.

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